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This is the latest excerpt from my writing on the 2020's. Other excerpts will be available on this public website soon. Written in summer 2021.

The Story of the 2020's


On 16th November 2019, my university friend Mark came to visit me. He asked me to be best man for his family wedding in summer 2020. I was very happy to support my old friend. "But Mark." I began, "Next year there will be a ..."

"Yeah. Huge financial shock. So Allison and I will be getting married in private next week in New York City, just in case of any problem."

Hindsight will of course tell you that this large family wedding never happened in 2020. Back in 2019 we continued our predictions over a bottle of wine and an analysis of the financial turmoils, that few people seemed to have noticed in late 2019, and the role that trans-national private equity managers were about to have in all our worlds...our predictions were dark and dystopian enough with centralised control via new global crypto currencies that back in the autumn of 2019 it almost certainly warranted a second bottle of wine...perhaps it was even a third.

CHAPTER 1 - Where is the money coming from ?

The story of BlackRock Inc, "Going Direct" and the New Economic Normal in a world with failed institutions

The money. The money. The money.

The story of the 2020's is not possible without understanding why there was an enormous direct transfer of $9trillion by the US Central Bank from the future tax base of the United States to the global markets in the first 100 days of the decade at a time when, rather conveniently, a humble coronavirus called Sars-Cov-2 was used to justify the house arrest of a billion people. For years afterwards, many people still believed that the "response" to the coronavirus was justified by the "science" of viruses and epidemiology and public health. But, it was always the “money” and its consultants which led the “response” ... remarkably, it was not until after 2022 that many people even began to wake up to the reality of what had happened.

Even then, many people never realised it was all about money...until it was too late:

Phase 0: July 2007 to September 2019 [Suspension of Dis-Belief]

After the Great Credit Crunch of 2007, the world economy was maintained on critical life support by reducing central interest rates to 0% and printing money. This was given the technical name “Quantitative Easing” to make it sound clever and planned but one did not need to be an economist to fear that none of this was a terribly sensible way to balance one's books and was a classic example of “kicking the can down the road”.

In the Summer of 2019, BlackRock Inc, the world's most powerful investment fund advised that in the “unlikely” event of further global deterioration and freezing of global markets, the US central bank, the Fed, should “go direct” and inject trillions of dollars and become the sole source of credit to the global economy. Essential the Central Banks would become the sole controllers of both fiscal and monetary policy.

Anyone with their eyes open to the appalling state of global finances in the summer of 2019 knew that this “unlikely” event was just months away...coincidentally, BlackRock Inc would also become the consultants to the US government after March 2020, a coincidence we will return to...but they were able to fill this vacuum because there were no other global institutions capable of advising governments except massive trans-national private equity managers.

Phase 1: September 2019 to March 2020 [A Shock and Awe event “over there”]

Starting with the collapse of the “Repo” market in September 2019 (an overnight borrowing facility for investment firms), the US Central Bank, the Fed started to pump hundreds of billions of dollars. However by the end of the first quarter of 2020, they needed to inject trillions of dollars in to the global markets to maintain liquidity. If the economy was running at full speed on March 31st 2020, this huge injection of cash would further destabilise the world economy and almost certainly trigger a mega “Run on the Banks” and a global economic meltdown. An “Event” was required to lock down the economies of north America and Europe, distract the vast majority of people, including politicians, from the realities of this latest financial crash and hide the “Mother of all” bail-outs. A coronavirus pandemic, whether by design or accident, proved extremely useful and:

...on March 19th [12 days before bail-out] California imposed a state-wide lockdown, March 20th [11 days] Australia closed its borders (and never fully re-opened them), March 22nd [9 days] New York state imposed a shut down, March 22nd [9 days] Germany is locked and Chancellor Merkel claims this is the worst moment since the War, March 23rd [8 days] Prime Minister Johnson orders UK citizens “you must stay at home”... just for 3 weeks to “flatten the curve” - a phrase which was used widely by many governments.

Days later, by March 31st 2020, a billion people cowered at home terrified of a deadly disease (or at least enjoying down-time in the garden) and the Fed had printed at least 8 trillion dollars. And quietly became the globe's only source of credit.

Phase 2: March 2020 to December 2021 [Abuse and Normalisation]

In an abusive relationship, it is often said that 18 months is required to “adapt” the victim to their new reality and this process was also required to create a new “normal” for the inhabitants of the US dollar, Canadian dollar, euro, UK Sterling and Australian dollar zone to understand that during the 2020's, there would be only one source of finance.

Living in the post World War II “open, free, democracies”, these people had gotten used to having control over their spending and choosing where and when they travelled. In the “New Normal”, the Fed and its subsidiary central banks were to become the spender of “last resort” and control all access to services, products and movement. Access to the new money would be via new digital apps and the money itself would be centralised digital currency; the new “Normal” : centralised and direct control of the economy and movement of money.

Under the auspices of a viral pandemic, most people willingly allowed themselves to adapt to using a form of “Green Pass”, "Passe sanitaire" or "Vax Passport" to re-access their real economy in an ultimately futile attempt to return to normality – from buying a pint of stout in Dublin, to having a job in Italy, to crossing a Canadian state border or getting on an aircraft, a digital pass became a necessity. Remarkably, over 90% of people “swallowed the pill” and did not understand they were complicit; supporting the removal of their own monetary and physical freedom. While many still believed this pass was somehow keeping their fellow citizens “safe” from a dangerous virus, it was in fact the Trojan Horse which brought in digital, central controlled currency and a health-mandated technocracy to replace their former freedoms and transform a free market economy in to a dystopian central command economy.

Phase 3: March 2022 to October 2023 [Currency is dead. Long live Digital Currency]

From March 2022, the deliberate action of turning off the money spigots, raising interest rates, destabilising global supply chains and selective wars, both online and in reality, triggered instability first in the original digital currencies like Bitcoin and then expanded panic in to the “paper” currencies of initially the euro, Canadian dollar and Australian dollar, and then pound Sterling and the US dollar. The world entered a severe Depression in which the value of the "old" digital and "paper" currencies were wiped out and assets held in euro, dollars and sterling were “protected” by state governments who guaranteed to convert people's assets in to a new “secure, safe” government-backed currency. Debt providers in the mortgage and business finance world and pension investment firms went to the wall too. Again state governments offered to re-purchase this debt or manage the asset in the same government-backed currency in which the controllers of the new state-backed currency would effectively become owners of all these assets. And, yet again, BlackRock Inc and a few other global investment funds were the consultants who advised the implementation of this new global digital currency.

Where Phase 1 had required the central banks to “go direct” and inject liquidity in to the failed western economies, Phase 3 was central banks hoovering up the residual value in the world economies while introducing all the citizens of these countries to the idea that they must seek “permission” from them via a digital app to access any service or product or permission to travel. Phase 3 removed the “Old” economy so anyone who had not signed up to their country's (or rather currency's) digital app would have no access to the “New” economy. Then again, in the “New” economy, normal citizens would no longer own anything anyway. The "Pass" simply allowed a momentary access to services, easily revoked. Those who refused to conform to the "Pass" would be completely side-lined.

Phase 4: January 2024 to June 2025 [A Warm Welcome to the New Technocracy]

The Depression of 2022/23 triggered wide-spread civil un-rest and political instability which further weakened state politicians in countries as important as the U.S., France, Italy, U.K., Russia and even China. Under the auspices of the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and World Economic Forum, a package of currency and societal control digital apps would be more widely introduced to enforce “stay at home” orders, control every transaction, every use of resource and maintain law and order as mandated by the new technocracy. Society digital app controls had been perfected by 2020 in China and the new financial digital app controls had been perfected in India by 2022 and these were now made global in their use and reach.

Through 2020 to 2023, more and more people had commentated on the extraordinary similarity in response of individual countries to the coronavirus pandemic but phase 4 made it clear that all along politicians of the US, Canada, euro zone, UK and Australia had been mandated to work towards phase 4 by the consultants working with central banks towards a solution to the collapse of the financial world in 2019. A failure to lock-step developments between the old paper currencies and the new global digital currency and support structure would have led to the bankruptcy and ruination of that country as it would have been abandoned by the new economic order. By June 2025, this transition and the prison cage of state-controlled command economics was complete and the citizens of the western world had lost all control of their own finances, assets or power to choose when to travel and lived their lives in a semi-permanent lockdown, a state bordering for many between panic and a sense of continuous emergency between 2020 and 2022, but becoming, for many, secure and comforting by 2025.

Amazingly, some people in 2025 still thought it was all about a viral pandemic even though by then COVID had a case fatality rate even lower than seasonal flu...by 2025 most people had forgotten that in winter 2019 no-one particularly noticed the hundreds of thousands who used to die globally from seasonal flu. Masking, access passports for all financial transactions and bi-annual vaccinations seemed like normal behaviour; and the state guaranteeing their safety through movement control and maintaining a basic economic subsistence at home was to be rejoiced as a safe and secure solution to a health problem which, if they did think about it, seemed to nag them with a sense that perhaps their world had been changed by something a little bit more sinister than a humble cold virus?

Excerpt from THE STORY OF THE 2020's by MIKE SLATER - to be published 31st December 2029

Further excerpts will be available here shortly